2020/11/30 Workout of the Day


General Warm-Up
Stretch Sequence 2
2 Rounds each leg
Perform all 3 stretches on one side and then move to the other side:
0:30 Lunge circles
0:30 Straighten the front leg
0:30 Hands to outside

2 Rounds
10 Air squats
10/10 Side plank dips
10 Walking lunges
0:30 Superman hold (on floor)

Skill and Build Up
Workout Prep (~4:00)
L-Sit Prep
0:20 Pike stretch
10/10 Single leg compressions
0:20 Pike stretch
10 Compressions
0:10 Tuck L-sit
0:10 L-sit

Build Up (~10:00)
*Review how to take the bar out of the rack and put back in the rack correctly.
10 Kang squats, empty bar
10 Back squats, empty bar

3 Sets
3 Back squats, increasing in load

Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds for time
7 Back squats (225lbs/155lbs)
0:45 L-sit, accumulated

This workout will be challenging on the legs, hip flexors, and trunk. The load should challenging, but allow for 7 reps to be completed unbroken. The L-sit volume is high. Use a variation that allows for 0:45 of a hold to be completed in under 2:30 on every round. Expect the L-sits to significantly impact the back squats.

Back Squats
*Reduce load to be challenged with 7 unbroken.

*Can be performed off boxes or the floor.
*Reduce time and/or perform from a tuck position or perform a seated tuck.

No Squat Rack
5 Rounds for time
7 Front squats (185lbs/135lbs)
0:45 L-sit, accumulated

Dumbbell or Kettlebell Option
5 Rounds
15 Dumbbell front squats or goblet squats
0:45 L-Sit, accumulated

Bag or Pack
5 Rounds
25 Bag front squats
0:45 L-sit, accumulated

Bodyweight Only
5 Rounds
30 Walking lunges
0:45 L-sit, accumulated

Cool Down / Mobility
2 Rounds
1:00 Easy air squats
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch