2020/12/17 Workout of the Day


General Warm-Up
3:00 Run, row, or bike at an easy pace

Kettlebell Warm-up Series (J) (Whole body focus)
2 Rounds:
5 Right-arm single-arm overhead lunges
5 Right-arm single-arm kneeling press
5 Right-arm kneeling windmills
5 Left-arm single-arm overhead lunges
5 Left-arm single-arm kneeling press
5 Left-arm kneeling windmills

Chelsea (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

*Every minute on the minute perform 1 round (30 reps).
*Leaderboard only the rounds completed on the minute. Add total reps to your workout notes.

Can you continue for thirty minutes? Twenty minutes? How about 10? If you fall behind the clock keep going for thirty minutes and see how many reps/rounds you can complete.

If you’ve finished the workout before this time add +1 to each exercise, i.e., 6 pull-ups, 11 push-ups, and 16 squats each minute, and see if you can go the full thirty minutes.

The goal is to have this round in under 0:45 if it takes longer decrease the reps in the workout. Consider 3-6-9 or 4-8-12.

*Ring rows
*Jumping pull-ups

This movement will be the hard part of the workout. Ideally, multiple rounds will be able to be performed unbroken.
*Decrease reps per round first.
*Box push-ups.

Air squats
*Reduce reps per round to hit the intended 0:45 per round to start.

The only modification will be for the pull-up. Perform any upper-body pulling variation that is available. Ring rows, dumbbell rows, backpack rows, etc. are all great options.

Cool Down / Mobility
3:00 Row, bike, run, or jump rope easy
30 PVC pass throughs