2021/01/25 Workout of the Day


Home Workout
"Modified Hinshaw Running Warm-up"

10yds Over the hurdle
10yds Knee to chest
10yds Figure 4
10yds Walking Samson stretch
10yds Toy soldiers
0:30 Sitting arm swings
0:30 Standing arm swings
10yds Toes out walk
10yds Toes in walk
10yds Walk on heels
10yds Walk on toes
10yds Walk on outside of feet
10yds Walk on inside of feet

10yds = 9.1m

2 Rounds
100m Shuttle run (50m out and back)
50ft Single under hops (5 single unders in place and 5 single unders hopping foward)

2 Rounds
10:00 Run @ aerobic heart rate*
2:00 Rest

*Target HR = 180 minus age

3 Rounds, NOT for time
15 Unbroken strict pull-ups
0:30 L-sit

At home
Limited equipment and no equipment
3 Rounds, NOT for time
15 Unbroken inverted rows from truck or table
0:30 L-sit

This is an upper body pulling and core stamina session. The pull-ups are intended to be higher rep unbroken sets. Most athletes will need some sort of modification to achieve this goal……even high level athletes.

*Decrease reps, but increase rounds to have same total.
*Use band strict assistance.
*Ring row.

*Perform the movement from a tuck position.
*L-hang (tuck if needed).
*Seated on the floor or a box.