2021/02/10 Workout of the Day


Joint Prep Routine

10/10 Turn head side to side.
10/10 Look up and down.
10/10 Swing head in crescent shape side to side.
10 Shoulder rolls forward.
10 Shoulder rolls backward.
10/10 Swing one arm up, while other is down.
10 Swing arms across body at 45º with right arm.
10 Swing arms across body at 45º with left arm.
10 Full range of motion arm circles forward.
10 Full range of motion arm circles backward.
10/10 Side to side trunk twists.
10/10 Straight leg hip circles.
10 Right leg swings.
10 Left leg swings.
10 Right lateral leg swings.
10 Left lateral leg swings.
10/10 Butt kickers.
10/10 Knee circles.
10 Dorsiflexion drops.
10/10 Seated ankle circles.

Skill and Build Up
10 Reverse lunges
10 Cossack squats
5/5 Bulgarian split squats
5 Bent over dumbbell rows, light
10 Alternating dumbbell rows, light
3/3 Dumbbell Bulgarian split squats, moderate
3 Bent over dumbbell rows, moderate
6 Alternating dumbbell rows, moderate
2/2 Dumbbell Bulgarian split squats, workout weight
2 Bent over dumbbell rows, workout weight
4 Alternating dumbbell rows, workout weight

Metcon (Time)
For time
21 – 15 – 9
Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat, right
Bent over dumbbell row
Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat, left
Alternating dumbbell row, total

50lbs/35lbs each hand is the prescribed load.

Minimal Equipment
If you don’t have dumbbells but have a barbell
21 – 15 – 9
Front rack Bulgarian split squats, right
Bent over barbell rows
Front rack Bulgarian split squats, left
Bent over barbell rows

Bodyweight Only
42 – 30 – 18
Bulgarian split squats, right
Bulgarian split squats, left
Superman presses, PVC or broomstick

Posterior Chain
3 Rounds, NOT for time
8 Glute bridge walk ups
15/15 Single leg glute bridges
30 Frog pumps

Core Finisher
NOT for time
100 Toe touch crunches