2022/05/28 Workout of the Day

workout finish

RX5 rounds each for time with a partner:150-m run15 knees-to-elbows15 burpees INTERMEDIATESame as Rx’d BEGINNER5 rounds each for time with a partner:150-m run10 sit-ups10 burpees

2022/02/26 Workout of the Day

RXFor time:30-20-10GHD sit-upsToes-to-barsWall-ball shots (14/20 lb) (9/10 ft) INTERMEDIATEFor time:30-20-10GHD sit-upsKnees-to-armpitsWall-ball shots (10/14 lb) (9/10 ft) BEGINNERFor time:30-20-10Sit-upsHanging knee raisesWall-ball shots (6/10 lb) (9/10 ft) SKILL WORKPre-workout:5 sets of the following complex:10 medicine-ball cleans10 medicine-ball push presses50-ft overhead medicine-ball walk– Complete each complex unbroken.